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Re: NBA Live 08 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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How Come You Can't Set Your Own Player Rotation In Dynasty Mode?????

If Any One Knows How To Help Me Out And Please Tell Me.
Under the selection of GM it should say something like "Team Management" or "Roster Management" from there, there is another list of options. I believe (although I'm not playing the game right now so it's not in front of me) there should be an option that reads Player Rotation. Click on that, and then switch your roster around so that all the players you want have stars next to their name. For example I'm the Suns and have Steve Nash, Leandro Barbosa, Boris Diaw, Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire for my lineup. Just switch around the players and make sure the starters are the top options in each selection) If more explanation is needed and you have 360 press the back button for help.)
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