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Tips for drift races:

# The best car (for me) to use is a Rx-7, with stage 4 parts, including the best body kit. Tunning the car is optional. If you want to tune, put all engine to high, and drivetrain, all gears tall.

#When drifting, you may recieve bonus points for doing things in that drift. These include:

*Long Drift ( Bonus 250pts): When you drift for a long period of time.
*Nitrous Drift ( Bonus 100pts): When you use nitrous while drifting ( Please note: If you decide to do a Nitrous dift, instead of drifting sideways, your car will tend to drive forward like a grip car, and the drift will be shortened)
*Slayed on track ( Bonus 250pts): When you are drifting on the edge of the track
*High Speed drift ( Bonus 250pts): When you are at high speed ( I think between 60 to 100mph) and do a drift

#If you want to use a different car than the Rx-7, be sure that it's small and fast with good handling.

#If you crash and can't get back onto the track, you can have the option of restarting the race or, pressing the select button ( For PS3 and PS2)

Happy Drifting everybody!!!!!
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