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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I just beat Call of Duty 4 on veteran mode. It took me a few days of short, hour-long bursts.

The penultimate level, No Fighting in the War Room, was a slow crawl, quite literally. I found it impossible to use the standard run 'n' gun tactics on that level, and there's no way one could simply post behind cover and fire off shots. The only way to try avoiding hits was to crawl through and peer over through corners, hoping that the enemy AI wouldn't spot you. There's one particular area where enemies could fire you from all sides.

It was silly, and I'm glad it's over. And I haven't given the Mile High Club achievement any serious undertaking. To beat that ridiculously difficult level in only 60 seconds?! I've read that some people took up to five hours to master it. My friend can play the bassline of the level's music by memory because he played it so many times.

I'm also starting to get back into the groove of the online mode. Last night I killed 13 people in a row, more than half of them with only a knife. Very Big Boss of me.

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