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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by sleeveboy View Post
Halo 3, on Heroic.

On the whole I was quite satisfied with the end, at least in terms of gameplay. For a long time I was stuck at the end of the seventh level, at the sequence with the two Scarabs. For the longest time I tried to dive-bomb the first Scarab with the VTOL craft (can't remember the name), blow it up, then pray that I would find a waiting Warthog to take down the second Scarab. This proved unworkable as a solo-player strategy. So I grabbed the Warthog from the start and eventually brought down them both.

I have to say, the eighth level was nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be. I daresay it was the best Flood-only level in all three Halo games. The new "pure Flood" forms introduced some badly-needed variety, and the level itself is pretty well put together. A little too reminiscent of System Shock 2, maybe, but SS2 was hardly original in that regard either.

And I really enjoyed the final dash to the frigate in the final level. It brought back happy memories of the first Halo.
As much shit Halo 3 gets nowadays, it's still a very good game, and I play it a helluva lot more than I ever played part 2, which wasn't that bad.

The ability to go directly to key checkpoints and big battles increases the replayability for me. Thus I can practice different ways of taking down the two Scarabs on solo missions. My favorite way has been to land the VTOL on one scarab, blow it up, and borrow a warthog on the ground, and jump the damn thing on the other scarab before blowing that one up. It's always a challenge to try to drive the warthog off the scarab with all your marines intact.

And as good as COD4 is, I only wish the game was more like Battlefield with vehicles. And the explosions may be more fake in Halo 3, but they're certainly a sight to behold.

Try it on Legendary sleeve. I guarantee you the most difficult part of the entire game (except for the Cortana level) will be the bunker defense setpiece on the Tsavo Highway level. It took me a good hour to take down a unit of brutes bigger than a platoon.

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