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Re: NBA Live 08 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

to do set the rotation, i just go to the inactive players screen and then switch one guy to the ir then switch him back to the team on the position on the starting lineup u want him to be

do this till ur rotation is all set

i want lamar odom to start at SF, but he is at PF.
i put lamar in the IR and temporarily switch with someone in the IR.
then, i select lamar and place him in the SF, which takes walton(or v-rad) into the IR

then switch walton/v-rad with the player originally in the IR and this places walton at PF now. but u need to keep switching players between the IR and the team until u hav set ur starters and the IR players ar bak wher they wer originally are.

i hope this is not confusing... but i tried.
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