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Re: Need for Speed NFS Pro Street Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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Hey guys, i just figured out how to do wheelies....
My Supra is maxed out with lvl 4 parts and i have tuned these things only:
Rear Supsension = All settings to soft
Rear Tire Pressure = Low
All Gears and Boost and NOS = Highest
Changed the front wheels and tyres to 0% everything
Changed the rear wheels and tyres to 100% everything

Start the drag race and hold the handbrake, into 1st and full throttle.....let go of the brake to go and perfect gear changes.....1/4mile in 7.2 1/2mile in 10.1
And I'm still getting used to it!!!
thanks man(from some1 else)...
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