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Re: Assassins Creed Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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has ne1 found all of the assassin flaga bcuz once i have the last assassin flag i have unlocked every single acheivment in the game and that would be tight.
assasins flag is only 1s i gt theres a particularly sneaky few, 1 where u do the huge leap of faith from the top tower once down make ur way back up but check over evry ledge (witout fallin off)n ull c wot u thought was a drop leads on to ledge wit flag also on outside of big chasm surrounding lake on a little ledge on back of buildins theres 1 the rest r pretty simple 1 i missed 4 ages was walking down the hill from entrance to base i always jus ran an jumped off the ledges down bt walk an theyll b 1 on ur left coming down into town
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