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Re: Timeshift Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

Originally Posted by tinai View Post
dude, i am stuck outside the factory , where the elicopter keeps shooting at me, i found 2 rochet launchers but the problem is i can't destroy the bloody chopper. i stop time shoot, but nothing happens, it's like i'm not even hitting the bastard, a little help, cheers
hello there,
i was stuck there for 3 or 4 days till i figured out that the heavy fire power they where talking about is the same bomber i was holding all the time .. if u don't already have it .. there's 1 hidden behind the large boxes some where ... use it to destroy the chopper .. use time stop and shoot .. i guess ur right about not destroying the chopper that easily ... u need to do it multiple times .. i was shooting 4 bombs at the chopper per time stop .. u can refill the gun from the ammo box just near by ... keep doing it and fire as much as u can .. concentrate at one spot of the chopper per each try .. u'll get it done dude .. that's exactly what i've done to get pass that objective .. good luck
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