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I beat the game and am actually after the credits.. I saw the markings and have looked on thier computers... what do i do now?
ok i figured out what you need to do its really gay and will make you cry for having to wait all this time for this crap but when you are in the room press and hold down the "y" button alowing you to use your egale eye. you can see the morkings on the floor. then go to the bed room and look at the wall behind your bed and press and hold the "y" butto again then your done the credits will role and if you wait you can do stuff but from there its over i know really gay ending for a game like this. i found the game fun but it pissed me off alot. and i wish there was a better ending. but what the hell im sure the writers where high or drunbk when they wrote that part . well i hope i help.
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