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Cool Re: Blue Dragon Tips, Tricks, Hints, Help, Cheat Codes and Strategy

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Yeah I was wondering if anyone out there was having a hard time arounf the second disk and even more in the third disk of the game just freezing up on them. because I only get about an hour of play before it just freezes, and it happens more frequently when i'm in the airship. just curious if every one else was having the same issiue.
I actually had to return my game to the store I bought it from because of a similar problem. They told me that they've been getting a lot returned because of bad disks. You might see if it's dirty or scratched...if it seems fine, then you might have a bad disk and need to exchange it. Of course, I've been noticing my XBox just freezing in other games too, for no reason. Not sure what's up with that.
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