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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Totally agree.

i ***loved*** Dark Mirror, and i'm not at all a fan of the previous SF games. Your comment about the controls is spot-on, as well. i thought the controls were damn near flawless, from what i remember... i have no idea what people were bitching about. i'm psyched for the sequel.

to keep it on-topic:

Finished Spartan: Total Warrior (XB):
Wow, what a superb action game. it's Dynasty Warriors with a brain for people (like me) who dislike DW. total thumbs up.

Finished Total Overdose (XB): a fun ride with a great sense of humor... recommended, especially since it's like $5.

Finally, just finished Doom 3 (XB): the graphics were amazing for the Xbox and i can honestly say that it wasn't nearly as intolerable as i thought it would be. it was definitely too long (it would have been better if it was cut down by at least 30%) and the monsters-in-closets stuff was crap, but it was a good update of an undeniable classic. i think my nostalgia was powering me along for part of the ride, though. ; )

(...and looking at my finished list here, can you tell my 360 hasn't been repaired yet?)
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