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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Metroid Prime 3

I'm a bit edgy about certain things in the game, but overall a good experience. I must restate that the art direction in the game is fantastic(it can never be stated enough). There is one particular thing(it goes hand in hand with art direction) in the game I love so much. However, I shall abstain from speaking of it due to spoilers. Such a shame.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, the game proves that the Wii, if used properly, is a great system for FPS games. Red Steel be damned--MP3 knows how to handle the system. Better than dual analog? For me, that issue is irrelevant: the game uses the tools avaliable and is a compelling experience witn non-intrusive, and interesting, controls.

Paint Roller, you are the meanest art student I have ever met.
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