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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The Prince of Persia trilogy boxset had been sitting on my shelf for a while now, so I decided to see it through to completion. I skipped Sands of time given that I had replayed it recently (every bit as marvelous as the first time around) I jumped straight into Warrior Within and Two Thrones.

Warrior Within is as everyone says: okay, but some of the design decisions were terrible. Not five minutes had passed since the beginning of the game and my Prince, full of rage and teenage angst, was yelling "You bitch" towards a scantily black-metal clad vixen with gravity defying breasts. Then came the insipid nu-metal, then came the constant senseless gloom and so on and so forth. The Price lost his royal voice and acccent, only to be replaced with an average gruff american tone that aimed for the generic wolverine style. Combat was expanded, but combat should never be the focus of Prince of Persia, so even that felt deeply superflous. Thankfully, most of the plattforming escaped unscathed and was quite enjoyable. I say almost, since someone had the bright idea of sometimes mixing those sections with enemy combat at the same time, which invariably led to some initial frustration. The fact that female ninjas kept trying to throw me off platfforms while suggestively moaning "Pain is so close to pleasure" did not improve the overall experience either.

I was glad when it ended, but even so, the game had its moments.

Now, Two Thrones. Now that's more like it! Had it not been for the novelty having worn out, this game could have been every bit as good as Sands of Time. The dark prince is no more (well, not the angst version, as this game manages to find a much more intelligent and delightful way of conveying the more aggressive emotions inside the Prince through means of an internal monologue) and we're back to lush environments and surprisingly good music. Much welcome is the return of Farah, but a different princess she is now, a more prepared fighter, one that is not so dependent on the Prince when disaster doesn't come knocking on her doorstep so ruthlessly. The dialogue between the two is humourous and flirting, except this time around you have a third observer with sly remarks and witty comebacks. I couldn't help but grin when they first met and the Prince calls her her name. Stunned, she aims an arrow and asks how he knows her name. Oh yeah, it never happened, realises our Prince has he makes up an excuse of how he heard tales of a lovely maharajah's daughter of the East and inevitably fumbles.

More than that, Two Thrones offers you a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy and features a memorable set of climatic final battles, ones that actually work and involve compelling plattforming. Sand of Times, overall, is still the most contained game, the one with the cleverest and sweetest script. Two Thrones however, comes off as an astoundingly close second and I wouldn't hesitate on calling it one of the better games of last generation. What an amazing ride it was.

Now.... finally, I can play some Chulip...

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