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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

you can get Fransesco's mod
Aye i have it, but i don't have it on for this game, I downloaded it but then decided to finish my current game first.

That's why the Dark Brotherhood quests were the best: Because it was about manipulation and deceit, not just straight up head bashing.
I actually think that my favourite quest of the entire game was the DB mission with the five people in the house, there were so many different ways to go about it.
Plus the Vile Lair download has a guy you can feed on at any and all times.
I knew there was something else on that damned disk I hadnt done (Barring the knights of the nine missions)
Done the Wizards Tower, DoneThe theives Den, Done the orrery, done Mehrunes' Razor. PErhaps I should have remembered the Vile lair, my time as a Vampire may have been more fun,
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