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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Adelleda View Post
Being a Vampire sucks ass, I played most of my current game as one (did the dark brotherhood quests first). But being a vampire is a right hassle once you get down to just exploring, you want to explore, but you have to go get food at least once every three nights if you want people to talk to you, or every night if you want to be able to move in the daytime, but as you can only catch people sleeping at night, and by the time you've traveled somewhere that you can find food...its day again. Like a catch 22, its only good if you're doing the theives guild and DB missions.
I actually really dig being a vampire. It's easy enough to manage as long as you fast travel instead of waiting, which I think helps me get more done anyway.

Going to every city to ask for help only to have to go close an Oblivion gate(barring Kvatch obviously) was the most tedious think i have ever done. Fair each gate is different, but I started it when i was level 20, so everything I fought on the way up was either a Storm atronach, a Spider Daedra, Or a high level Dremora with a Claymore, not particularly fun. In the end I wound up just constantly casting Invisibility and legging it up the towers.
The Oblivion gates can be tedious, but I enjoy the combat. Are you playing PC or XBox? Because on the PC, you can get Fransesco's mod, which adds a bunch of new creatures and changes the distribution and leveling of the creatures as well as adding a bunch of new weapons. So you never really know just what you'll encounter, and the fights get really hard even at high levels because you can encounter six or eight enemies at once. I suppose if I weren't using that mod, the dungeon crawling wouldn't be as fun.
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