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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I beat Gears of War on Insane mode last night. It really wasn't that much harder. The most difficult areas for sure were when you were in enclosed spaces with those glowing wretches. They explode when they die, and the explosion always kills you instantly in Insane mode.

Oh yeah, and General RAAM. He was pretty easy in the first two difficulty levels. But then I didn't realize how fucking cheap it is for him to command screaming bats that can tear you apart whenever you're not in a light source. It took me a few tries. It takes a lot of careful aiming with the torque bow and magnum pistol. You gotta land every shot otherwise he always ends up on your side, and there's not much you can do at that point (running to the other side won't help since practically a single bullet from his troika gun will tear you apart).

I also beat NSMB, one of the most unfulfilling videogame experiences I've had in recent memory.

And yes folks, I finally pretty much beat all of Oblivion. I'm guildmaster of everything, practically all the random quests are done (except for stuff like the nirnroot collection), I have all the headquarters (including the downloads) and I'm also the divine crusader. All at level 22 too (I had maxed out my blade, blunt, armorer, heavy armor, light armor and speed).

I guess now I can replay the game? As a vampire? Plus a lot of the achivements I earned for the game was with another profile.

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