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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Originally Posted by Avptallarita View Post
I think you're starting to go in circles. The naturalistic assumption is that should there be something that transcends our methods of investigation and observation, that something will in turn be accountable to other logical, non-contradictory registers. The theistic claim is that there is something out there which is not accountable to anything at all. I don't wish to negate this claim outright, but I simply don't see any good grounds or reason to believe in it, nor have you provided any. (Not to mention that it overlooks a rather important contradiction - that of employing reason to posit something outside reason).
I think this whole conversation has been going in circles for a while. If you're saying that I haven't provided a naturalistic proof for believing in God, then you're right, but that was never my intention. As I said earlier, invoking reason to help explain a concept doesn't mean that it's reducible to it. There's nothing irrational about positing evidence of things that transcend our ability to observe them naturally. It just means that there are things cannot be explain by reason alone.

I think your take on the naturalistic axiom is a bit dubious though. It seems as though you are assuming that if something exists that transcends the natural as we know it, then we would still be able to fully understand it by its own "logical, non-contradictory registers" but then how would we understand such rules without in turn subjecting them to our own naturalistic logical registers?

And yes, I've gone through the critique - the first half of it anyway, the rest will have to wait until I have some free time again. Not really sure how it's relevant to what you're saying though.
Kant's critique is practically a summation (and expansion) of everything I've said. The concept is that naturalistic reasoning is subject to inherent limitations, and that it is not our only means of understand ourselves and our world.
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