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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Heck I'd love if a game could be 90 hours long and hold my attention for its entirety. The fact that only half of those hours, at best, offer any entertainment is the kicker. Those 90 hours of gaming will be spent on gaming anyway. Long play times can also be balanced with intelligent save systems, so you don't need to play the old two hour stretches before saving your progress.

I can honestly say I don't mind long games if they can keep me hooked. However, it's usually the small, sweet 6-15 hour titles that manage that. Certainly not the dullness of FFXII.

Now to keep with the thread: beat Sanitarium for the PC (good storyline, environment, a forgotten gem of a game) and consider myself done with Wii Sports (Pro on all sports except baseball, many gold medals in training). Wii Tennis is bloody addictive.
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