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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Originally Posted by Mike Doolittle View Post
I don't think your conclusion follows your premise here. Faith needs our faculties of reason, but is not reducible to it.
Well, to me this argument seems circular. The bases of reason are logical equivalences, deductions, analyses, syntheses, etc. which are necessarily rooted in language. Your claim that reason is insufficient to knowledge boils down to the idea that there is a kind of knowledge which transcends language, something which seems by definition impossible to me.

I agree that there are feelings and sentiments which are experienced prior to language. But the way they are processed and understood (in order to infer a knowledge from them) is through functions of reason and language, and they cannot therefore be considered knowledge in and of themselves. Your very distinction of the questions "how" and "why" is a linguistic construction, and likewise, the claim itself that reason is insufficient to knowledge (or whichever definition you give of faith) is based on language and reason - the functions you're claiming to transcend.

You can definitely have a "feeling" that precedes language, but it cannot be a specific feeling-of-a-creator-God, because the concept of a "creator God" is based on language.

EDIT: Actually, scrap all that. Since you seem to think there are feelings in us which point to the existence of God, and since I'm not feeling anything that I recognise as such (which is not to say that I have no perceptions or inspirations of beauty, by the way - I just don't call them spirituality), then I'd appreciate your suggestions on how to start feeling them or what to do to work on their perception. I might have been "closed" to spirituality when I was an adolescent, but I don't think I am anymore, and provided the suggestions are reasonable I'll try and pursue them (if not now, then this summer).

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