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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I might as well post here.

I beat Splinter Cell Double Agent for the Xbox 360. It's a horrible perversion of the series as a whole, and by and large the worst Splinter Cell to date. The light meter, which used to have varying degrees of detection, is now only "yellow" and "green," which means hidden.

The shadows are all gone, which turned the entire game into a marathon of running from barrier to barrier, struggling with the camera because Sam Fisher takes up damn near half the entire screen, and I'm playing in widescreen mode!

The camera has always been one of the highest points of the series - easy to tame, yet gives just enough leeway for some stylistic frames. But this was just horrid.

There were some moments, all scripted, that had some wow factor in them. But the plot itself was horrid. The overall double agent thing is dull, and lacking in any kind of real tension. Plus the way Ubisoft Shanghai told the story is shit! Ubisoft Montreal developed the last generation games, which told a much more coherent story with the cutscenes available. But with this game, the characters aren't even wearing the same thing in the cutscenes as they are in the game!!!

It's almost as if Ubisoft Shanghai just took the previous generation cutscenes, and pasted it onto their game, without even considering the fact that Sam Fisher is wearing a full body suit with mask in the level, and no mask and sleeveless in the cutscene.

I know the only reason why they've enlisted Ubisoft Shanghai is to keep the assembly line of this popular franchise running. But the hardcore set will pick up on this and realize that the only Splinter Cell games worth getting are from Montreal, the series' place of origin.

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