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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Mike Doolittle (Post #11):
What you're really defining are traits of the Christian God...
And the Muslim God, Jewish. The God of Abraham, Yahweh, upon which all three religions are based; yes that is the god of which I speak. That is the god which slightly more than half of the world's human population believes in.

...and your use of certain terms seems to have implicit assumptions that Christians might not agree with.
Do I? Most Christians generally agree that their god cares about them, listens to prayers, is all-powerful, all-knowing, perfectly moral. What assumptions are objectionable here?

But a personal god need not be incompatible with the world the way it is.
This is true. A hypothetical personal god need'nt necessarily be incompatible with the ways of the world, but the god which I defined--the one which billions of people believe in--clearly is.

And, there are not an "infinite number of equally plausible possibilities." This only occurs when you start arbitrarily defining traits of this higher's erroneous to think that this is between Jesus and the Invisible Pink Unicorn. It's between the concept of a creative god and a self-perpetuating universe.
I don't think you've demonstrated my assertion of infinite regression to be false. The simple fact is that there is as much evidence for a "creative god" as there is for the Invisible Pink Unicorn--which is to say: none. If it is not reasonable to believe in something without evidence then it is not reasonable to believe in any deity, even a one as vague and inconsequential as a "creative god."

(Further, any defining traits of any unfalsifiable entity are by definition arbitrary.)


Also, how are you defining agnosticism? Do you think of it as some kind of Limbo between atheism and theism; do you think that agnosticism and atheism are necessarily mutually exclusive? I can only infer from your blog entry that both answers are "yes" but I'd rather you answer these questions directly.

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