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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Yeah, it's funny because I actually didn't play GoW solo at any time… I'm usually Mr. Hermit Gamer, but in this particular case I played the entire campaign with my brother over Live, and I spent an afternoon playing multiplayer with random people.

(Am I just crazy, or is there no way to actually connect with a specific person? I tried to get in a multi-match with my Bro, but I couldn't see any way to make sure the two of us connected up…)

Anyway, deathmatch-type stuff has never been my cup of tea. I just don't find it very entertaining, and it never keeps my interest for more than a short while. When I hooked up with a few people who knew what they were doing, it got a little better because we were able to start doing some squad/team tactics, but in general it didn't really engage me any more than I’d expect.

I'm not trying to knock anybody’s preference here, I just prefer to have more of a solid goal and endpoint when playing, so killing dudes over and over doesn't really do a lot for me. Besides the multi, I thought the main campaign was technically solid, but intellectually laughable… it's a beautiful, playable game, but it doesn't have the juice to really impress me, I guess. ^_^
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