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Re: The Root of all Evil/Trobule With Atheism

Originally Posted by Nicato View Post
Sure he was. And he did make that point well. But now we're drifting away from my original complaint, which was in making that point was arguing against a straw man?
Well, I didn't really take it as a straw man because I didn't feel that he was saying, "If you're an atheist, then you have to believe in Eugenics." I don't really feel as though it was an attack against atheism, but rather a mindset of some atheists.

I do think the question of whether there is a vacuum which religion currently fills is an interesting one. But, again, if people were only more rational (and genuinely curious), I think they'd find that the awe of looking up at starry sky (which is, in fact, looking back in time) can be just as satisfying as any religious experience. For me, at least, the vacuum is filled.
Speaking as someone who's been all over the map on religious experiences, I don't feel that you necessarily have to be a religious or spiritual person to live a happy, fulfilling life; or that being a positivist necessarily leads to a more fulfilling life either.

Personally, I've never felt comfortable with the idea of atheism, because it assumes that anything that can't be quantified is impossible to know, and if it can't be quantifiably known than it might as well not be known. I think that overlooks some of the key aspects of the human experience. I'd be happy go into detail but I already wrote about it in my blog here.
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