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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I recently beat Call of Duty 3.

My overall impression would have to be "meh." I don't know if it's the fact that I played for hours on end, but it seemed like once again the game was just way too short.

The missions themselves offered nothing really new or innovative. Granted, there were a few "driving" sequences in which you drove a jeep through villages crawling with nazis, but this wasn't much of a challenge. Neither was the manual setting of charges or the occasional use of a crowbar to open a door. These features felt like pointless additions just to make the game feel new.

The one addition that I liked was the icon that warned you of nearby grenades and the ability to throw the grenade back to the enemy.

All in all the game offers much of the same that it has been offering in the last two installments: Run from point A to point B, shoot some Nazis, see a team member get shot and die etc.

I've also been playing crazy amounts of FIFA 07 (you can't really "beat" this game but I have won a few trophies already).

It's definitely the best soccer game EA has made so far. Finally, they've started to move away from the "ball-tied-to-leg" engine to give the physics of the game a more realistic feel. This makes shooting fairly tricky, because if you're off balance or if you shoot before perfectly controlling the ball, you're guaranteed a miss, regardless of how close you are to the actual net.

The stadiums are beautiful, the teams look great, and the chanting and singing of the fans is all very well done.
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