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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

On December 31 I finished New Super Mario Bros.

I beat the final boss level in about five seconds. No exaggeration. It was way too easy.

But along the way there were some devilishly-clever level designs. Some of the levels cost me dozens of lives on the way to completion. There's that World 8 stage where spiders are constantly dropping on you while you have to navigate platforms that are sliding back and forth.

It seemed to me that New Super Mario Bros. was occasionally unfair, with a sudden death trap that could not have been foreseen. This is very rare for a Mario platformer. The series has never taken cheap shots, causing the player to lose a life without warning.

But I felt that New Super Mario Bros sometimes broke this rule.

A word to those who complained that "giant" Mario served no purpose. It seems to me that his purpose is to accumulate 1Ups: the more you smash while in giant form, the more 1Ups you are awarded: up to five. I was forever returning to World 1-1 to get extra lives this way.

All in all I felt that NSMB was a bit too easy. But possibly this is a result of the perfect, precise control. Mario in his various forms always does exactly what you tell him to do. The control is never frustrating.

I doubt I ever would have discovered how to unlock Worlds 4 and 7. After beating the game I went to the web to find out how to get to those two. And now I have finished World 4, and am making my way through World 7. They're both well-worth playing. They actually seem harder than the other Worlds (but still ultimately a bit easy).

NSMB is a blast. Some say it is not as great as SMB3 or SMBW, but I say "pshhhaw!" I have been playing SMB3 lately and it's a very fine game, but it really doesn't stand head-and-shoulders over NSMB.

- jdingo
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