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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The 7th Saga now. No, I didn't beat it in a day.

There's a certain sense of personal pride from beating this one. I played it long long ago and had deemed it nigh unbeatable. And now I have uhh...beat it. So yay for me!

This game has boring graphics, lame art, a retarded menu system and a bad storyline. Oddly, it's now one of my favorite SNES RPGs. You pick one of seven apprentices to play as, and can ally yourself with one other during the game (you can switch secondary members as often as you want), and even fight them if you want. And this is where the beauty of the game comes into play.

Despite the fact that none of the characters are really elaborated upon in any fashion (and say little, to nothing at all throughout the game), I really felt a connection to them and it was entirely due to my own actions. When an "evil man" who had overthrown a king turned out to be a former ally I felt surpised and even disappointed. And there was a real sense of rivalry between myself and one other apprentice, Valsu, with whom I constantly fought. This was further compounded by the fact that when I got to where the Sky Rune was held, it had already been swiped by one of the six others. The "swiper" turned out to be none other than ol' Valsu. I even felt a certain level of attachment to my main partner, Lux.

Most of these events (the "evil man", the Sky Rune thief and others I haven't mentioned) are completely random, so you never knew who would turn up next. It really felt like I was participating in a living world. It could've been so much more with some extra polish, but even now I can't help but be totally smitten with it. Thumbs up.
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