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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Adelleda
I just beat FF VII again, and tried to do everything i could in one playthrough.

If i missed anything let me know,
Got every charicter to Level 99
Got every ultimate weapon and ultimate limit break.
Defeated Emerald and Ruby.
Got A full set of master materias for each charicter.
Got 99 ribbons (just for the sake of it).
Got 9,999,999 Gil
Got a Tetra elemental for every charicter
Mastered all four "enemy skill" materias.
Got the title of "Better then joe" in the chocobo races with a Regular, green. blue, black and Gold chocobo,
Bread a gold chocobo.
Mastered at least one of every materia in the game
Completed the anchient forest
Got every charicter to 255 in every stat.
Beat the battle arena and Special battle.
Beat all the high scores in Wonder square and Round square.

Have i missed anything? That lot took me round about 80 hours...
Do you have 99 of every item available?

Seriously, that's pretty intense what you did.
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