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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Finished Prince of Persia: Superfluous Angst Crusader on the Gamecube. I still think the first three hours are miserable in every way -- but once I got into the "two towers" segments, the good times started to roll. The series really benefits from the adreniline rushes of the Darhala chases, and I'll even admit to enjoying the combat from time to time. The time travel plot was fairly immersive, and I was completely suckered in by the big "twist" toward the end (though in retrospect, how did I not see it coming???)

I'm glad I stuck with this one; I almost quit but y'all convinced me to keep going. Looking forward to #3.

On the GameCritics scale, I give Warrior Within a 7.5.
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