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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Beat Landstalker for the crotchety old Genesis. Man, that game...

It was cool sometimes. It had some really intelligent puzzle design. On top of that it had a great sense of humor. But the graphics were ugly for even a Genesis game, and it was really held back by what me and my brother liked to call the "4th Dimension".

Basically, since the game took place on an isometric angle and a lot of the puzzles were very spatial in nature it's like "what direction do I need to jump in to get on that platform, or is it too high for me to even get to from here?" This happened ALL the time. And it was always annoying. Anytime I started screwing up on one of them me and my bro would start making smart remarks about the fourth dimension.

Additionally it had some of the most insidious level design ever. In many of the dungeons (especially the later, bigger ones) it's like, if you chose a "wrong" path it would end up being a one way trip to the beginning of the dungeon. Meaning you had to fight all those bad guys, solve most of the puzzles and navigate all the platforming segments all over again in an attempt to get back to where you were. It practially punished you for exploring. And forget drawing a map, unless you have a degree in architecture. Since paths in individual rooms overlapped one another on top of having many floors in a single dungeon...y'know.

In the end, it seemed unfinished. Several characters just kind of dropped from existence part of the way through, one of which actually seemed important. And the actual ending of the game was extremely abrupt and anti-climactic.

In the end though I liked it better than Alundra, which is saying something I guess.
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