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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I love Flashback... or did, when I played it on the Genesis. I should go back and revisit it myself one of these days. Does anyone here have an opinion on its sequel, Fade to Black?

I beat RE4 (and unlocked all the guns) and Half-Life 2 over the last couple of weeks. I think RE4 had better action, mostly because having different pain animations depending on where the enemy is hit makes a huge, huge difference. The game's core combat system is just a lot of fun, and I'm glad the makers gave us Mercenaries so we can more easily play around with it.

Half-Life 2 is amazing for other reasons though, and I think its the better game overall. It spent a lot of time and energy establishing a good setting, which to me is just as important as having good action. Neither game had a particularly good plot, but HL2's world felt imaginitive and alive, and it made some degree of sense. RE4's did not.

Anyway, I'm really only comparing the two because I played them back to back. Both games are pretty amazing.

Also! I played through a little game called Doukutsu Monogatari... or Cave Story according to the translation patch. It looks and feels like a very good 8-bit Nintendo game, but was released as a freeware PC game in 2004. Also, I hear it was made entirely by one person, who doesn't even work in the game industry. Worth checking out, if only as inspiration for your own independent development projects.
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