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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I have defeated Icewind Dale and its expansion Heart of Winter. I did this with a human necromancer, a ½-elven cleric, and four fighters, three of which were dual-classed at 9th level into a illusionist, cleric, and thief, respectively, with the final fighter staying a fighter until the bitter end.

I did not defeat Trials of the Luremaster, though I may at some future point to so; neither did I attempt Heart of Fury mode for long, since my 14th level fighter with the thaco of -5 couldn’t hit the beetles in the wine cellar at the beginning of the game. If I want to punish myself, I’ll play Hydlide while using a scourge.

I have approximately 282 games I have not beaten in my collection. I estimate an average of 12 hours to beat each game (many are rpg’s). I play an average of one hour per day (damn that sleeping, working, and eating!). I buy, on average, two games a month (alas, I am not wealthy, but rather a consumer of used goods.) Therefore, I will have caught up and beaten every game I own in 41 years, by which time most likely my disembodied brain will be controlling Mario through the jar in which it resides.
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