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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Back again, this time with Resident Evil 4. What a great game! I mean really. Too unbalanced though. I went through the game conserving my healing items, only to find that at the end I could've purchased twenty-eight first aid sprays. That's a lot. Part of what made the game so great for me was that the threat of death was pretty commonplace. Had I known that, at any time, I could've just loaded up on first aid sprays instead of upgrading the attack of my shotgun, the fear factor (UGH.) would've been sigificantly lessened. And grenades are as common as candy, but they can make mincemeat out of any boss in seconds. Other than those two extremely minor annoyances, this game is hot. I'm going to play it again right away.

But I have a question. What's up with that section near the end with that thing in the dumpster that flops around? I shot it and Leon is just like "What the hell is that thing?" There were a couple more of those things hanging on meathooks also. Is it supposed to be Tofu from RE2? Or was that little section just poking fun at Silent Hill? Or neither of the above?
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