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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

How could I forget?

I finished Jade Empire this past weekend, as a goodie-good chick. It was /so/ much better than KOTOR, especially the combat. Now don't go and get your undies in a wad; while I don't think the combat was "all that," it was definitely better than the micromanaging in KOTOR.

Yes, this game was essentially KOTOR in some alternate Chinese-type universe, but I have to admit, I enjoyed the hell out of the story. My jaw dropped at the major twist; I had no idea. Then again, I had no idea about the major twist in KOTOR, either. I guess I tend to "get lost," moreso in game plots than any other medium, oddly enough. Hmm..

Anyway, for some odd reason (which I /never/ do), after spending over 45 hours on the thing, I went right back and started a new guy. My plan is that he'll be evil, but we'll see how that goes; it's hard for me to be utterly heartless and cruel to the bone.

Although I think it's a damn fine game, it is /not/ a 9.9. I give it an 8.5. (I guess. I don't think I've yet to play a game I'd give a 10 to.)

P.S. YOU! How old are you? You'll probably have arthritis by the time you're 30! (And here I thought Boy was bad.) Are you planning on you-sing (like that ) those mad skillz anywhere else besides gaming?)
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