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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I finally beat Xenogears last night. After about 50 hours of gameplay and still being on the first disc, I was beginning to think it might never end. The story definately picked up on disc 2. The gameplay was pretty good, though the battles got repetitive because the dungeons are just too big. There was a lot of dialogue and storyline the game didn't need. Especially the last three characters you pick up - Emeralda, Maria, and Chu-Chu. These three had a marginal importance in the story and kinda pissed me off when I had to take them in my party. Also the CG movies were a little distracting since there are a lot in the very beginning, but none until the end of disc1 and the very end of the story. The fact that they were hand-written cartoons took away from the experience - made feel like I was watching TV.

All those petty complaints aside, overall it was a pretty decent game. The storyline was very awesome and the gameplay was better than most. It took me 70 hours in all, but I'd definitely recommend it if you have the time and patience.
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