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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I beat KOTOR 2 ten minutes ago, and boy is it hard to judge this game... I left with a rather positive view of it, but the game shows some serious and unforgivable signs of rushing (sometimes to the point of absurdity). There was one part where I had to kill a baddie, and after I did it, I found an NPC who gave me a lecture on how that baddie was too strong and powerful and how he could not be beaten, and that I should give up. Oblivious to the fact that the ship was exploding and that I had carved said baddie with my dual lightsaber. There are also lots of plot holes and parachuted scenes, unfortunately.


I still think it's a good game. Bear in mind I played it on my PC so I didn't have to deal with loading times, horrid framerates or constant glitching.

One particular strength is the influence system. It's just fun to turn your characters to your own alignment. I just wish some of them had more interesting stuff to say or do, and that the whole influence concept wasn't negated and nullified by a certain solo section near the end of the game which I shall not spoil.

My two cents? if you liked the first, do check this one, but not if you have a Xbox and not if you want to be wowed again. The storyline is actually quite good in KOTOR2, but its technical execution will leave you wanting for much, much more.
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