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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by MoriartyL
Hmm. It's disheartening to hear this kind of reaction from so many people. I wanted to get this game, being a Zelda nut and all, but so many people on this board and on other sites have said that it's no different than the other 2D Zeldas, and that would be a sin for a Zelda game. I see no reason to not believe these comments, though, since it's not made by EAD but by a team whose games I have never played. So what do you think, should I not get it?

I thought it had a lot of potential in the beginning. The first few items are completely new to the Zelda franchise and pretty cool to boot. But then the game started to feel really familiar, and I was disappointed by the size of the overworld. I hope the new GC Zelda doesn't feel like too much of a rehash. I guess that's the problem with releasing so many Zelda games in so little time.

Anyways, I just beat RE4. Great fun. It probably would have started to feel really repetitive but I went on a week long trip about halfway through.
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