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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Finished Myst IV: Revelation a few days ago, after playing the first three for the first time. In my opinion, Revelation is the best of them all, more brilliant even than the first. And the graphics... oh, the graphics. My jaw developed a nice relationship with the floor. Especially in Spire. And even though the Ages are totally different from each other, the game never feels disjointed like Myst III. But there is one thing that bothered me about the game: When the graphics, the sound, and the story are all working so hard at making the game worlds believable, why on Earth would they get such lousy actors? It completely ruins the immersion they're going for. The only tolerable performance is that of Rand Miller (creator of the series), and he's not even a professional actor! But overall, I can't recommend the game enough for people who enjoyed the first two.
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