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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Just beat Dragon Quest VIII. It was a very satisfying adventure, but somehow didn't feel like it was "packed" with as much content and story as DQ VII did (for all of the 3 of you out there who played that one).

** Mild spoiler **

Not that the story really strayed that far from typical fantasy RPG fare, but the number and quality of side plots and "character filling out" events still kept up to the DQ standard.

Still, the graphical style of the game really lets Akira Toriyama's distinct art style shine through and lends a surprising amount of depth to the characters. I was better able to connect with the characters in this game than in the previous DQ.

For those of you who liked what DQ VII had to offer but just couldn't get past the fuggly graphics, I recommend checking this one out (it IS coming to regions outside of Japan, isn't it??).

Next target: Tales of Rebirth.
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