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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I just finished Final Fantasy X-2: Return of Final Fantasy X for the PS2. A few comments:
  • For a such a non-linear game, the story was remarkably cohesive. There was much less metaphysical stuff going on than in the original game; I prefer my FF's a little more grounded in reality (like FF-IX) and this game was definitely that.
  • Not that it needs mentioning, but good lord, Square produces the finest FMV cutscenes of any game company, by far.
  • The majority of mini-games blew (the "revamped" blitzball was just an atrocity, and everything in the Calmlands was lame) but Sphere Break was fantastic. Go math!
  • As I approached the endgame, I was content leveling my dressspheres and exploring Spira...I really wasn't in a hurry...until I found the ultimate "9999" combo which rendered me effectively invincible. At that point, I lost interest and plowed into the final area. Oddly, the exact same thing happened when I found the ultimate "9999" weapon in Xenosaga: Episode I.
  • For the first time I'm aware of in a mainline Final Fantasy game, the classic Final Fantasy theme song was nowhere to be heard, not even a snippet of it. I was kind of disappointed by that. I've played these games since the original, and I do love that melody. Sad.
  • I finished with 76%, and unlocked New Game+. I'd really like to take a FAQ and get 100%, but I know myself too well -- I'll never get around to it. After the rush of finishing an RPG wears off, the thought of replaying it becomes repugnant. I'll probably never boot it up again.
On the Gamecritics scale, I give it an 8.0.
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