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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Now see, I think JB: EoN is a great game. I've been playing it off and on, and I probably just continue to pick too hard of a setting (actually, it's the "normal" setting called, "Agent," me thinks), otherwise I'd be further along. Then again, at least you can change the difficulty with each level...

About that level you're stuck on, there's a blue spot where after you lose the cops tail, you pull onto it. Then it'll prompt you to use that remote control device. Watching the minor cut-sequences will show you where you should drive it to create the diversion.

EDIT: D'oh! I finished The Suffering this weekend, while my grrlfriend cheered me on. I got the "good" ending, natch. *insert haloed angel smiley here*

All in all I thought it had good controls (except for the inventory thing -- changing weapons and turning the flashlight off and on were far too cumbersome), good graphics and sound (including VA), and the coolest thing of all is:

You can load your completed game for the next installment, The Suffering: The Ties That Bind, and whatever ending you got with the former title will influence the latter's story. Pretty darn sweet if you ask me.
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