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JLB1987 10-12-2013 04:21 AM

Good deals, sales, and stuff
I've seen some great deals in the past few months, and wanted to start a thread to make any others aware of these. are having a sale on EA games, including Sid Meier's Alpha Centurai and Sim City 2000 for $2.39 (what's that in real money? Well under 2, I guess). Also on the same site- buy anything (including these deals), and you get a free copy of The Witcher. Very generous.

There's also a nice looking humblebundle, including Bloodbowl and Divinity II for $1 minimum, two games I've been meaning to check out. Pay $6 or more, and you can get The Testament of Sherlock Holmes also, which is a game I've really wanted since release.

Add any other deals on here that you see. I'm doing this as much for myself as I am for the rest of the GC community ;)

Pedro 10-12-2013 06:13 AM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
That HumbleBundle is quite good, Game of Thrones is supposed to be half decent too. Man, I hate seeing Bloodbowl on sale. I feel like I'll take an irreversible step down the road to Geekdom if I ever fire that up (and I've written fanfiction, I'm pretty far down that road already).

JLB1987 10-12-2013 06:01 PM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
I haven't yet decided if I'm going to buy it yet- I could just pay the minimum, but damn, I want to play the Sherlock game. Bloodbowl looks like it could be interesting, but I've been let down by every other Games Workshop-related game I've played, and I'm not sure playing a videogame version of a game I've never played the tabletop version of will help.

Li-Ion 10-13-2013 01:50 PM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
Nice deals... the only problem for me with all those sales: my backlog is astronomical as it is, piling up games to that makes me feel like I'm buying stuff I will never get around to play ;)

Pedro 11-08-2013 09:38 AM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
On PSN right now there is a SciFi sale, the highlights of which are

Lost Planet 3 26.99
Binary Domain 11.24
Vanquish 3.71

All prices are in Eurobucks and assume you have PS+, they are probably a little dearer if you don't.

Li-Ion 11-08-2013 10:56 AM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
Too bad I have problems with PSN *grrrr grrr*

Vanquish is the best 3rd person shooter of all time ever, definitely worth a download if you don't have it yet.

JLB1987 11-15-2013 04:16 AM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
Damn your PSN and your good deals. Xbox ones are few and far between.

Li-Ion 11-15-2013 04:50 AM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
Microsoft is on the back foot when it comes to online store these days. Which is funny, considering how for most of the 360ies life it was the other way round and Sony was acting like they just noticed someone invented fire while MS was building the railway system.

JLB1987 11-18-2013 05:33 PM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff are excelling themselves once again- they are selling games at insanely low prices. The catch is, it's one at a time, and it moves onto the next deal once a certain amount of people have bought it. So far, I've picked up Heroes of Might & Magic V Complete (3.20), Alpha Centurai (1.60), and Hotline Miami (96p!!!). You'll have to get lucky on the deal that is available when you're online, but there is some insane value for money going on here.

Pedro 01-05-2014 05:19 AM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
Kentucky Route Zero is 50% off for the next 30 hours on Steam. 11.5 Euros, similar prices elsewhere.

Rock Paper Shotgun's Game of the Year, very well deserved.

Pedro 02-25-2014 12:25 PM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
Both State of Decay and Hammerwatch are 50% off on Steam until 10am PST Friday. Buy them!

Or wait for a better sale, I dunno!

Both astoundingly good value for that price.

Li-Ion 02-25-2014 03:32 PM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
Bought Hammerwatch. Any interest in co-op perhaps?

Pedro 02-26-2014 05:07 PM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
Wow, someone took my advice! The pressure is on me now for you actually to enjoy it :p

Unfortunately there isn't much replay value so not sure if co-op is worth it - try out the single player and see how you get on though.

Li-Ion 02-27-2014 03:12 AM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
What? You advise buying a game with not much replay value?!? :p

Pedro 03-02-2014 12:10 PM

Re: Good deals, sales, and stuff
I know you don't have time to replay games these days, I am looking out for you ;)

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