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RandomRob 11-28-2011 07:39 AM

Podcast suggestion: the Militarization of gaming
Is militarism as an end to itself being promoted by videogames?

Extra Credits recently did an excellent 2 parter where hey broke down how games can be swept up in the service of propaganda, and dug into the troubling design of Call of Juarez:the Cartel. They did a good job of isolating racist and nationalist plugs, but I wonder more about the trend of the military, as in real life, being given the largest budget and the most tools to sell not only the entertainment imagery of soldiering, but the ideology as well. How much of the market feeds into war? And how has this trend progressed in terms of money and human resource use?

Can we ask the question: is this interest in war being driven by need? Or is being pushed? Why are we sensationalizing war for young people?
At what point does entertainment become indoctrination? And what is the endgame?

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