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Ansonlau 11-24-2011 09:48 AM

The comparison of three Halo games
Being a halo fan, i would like to let more people
know about halo. here is a comparison of three different versions of halo games: halo reach, halo 3 o.d.s.t. and halo combat evolved anniversary edition.

First of all, i'm going to talk about the storyline and the content. in halo reach, the earliest
game in the whole timeline of the halo series, you play as noble six and there is five noble team teammates alongside with you. most of the time, you get
allies with you so you won't die so easily. similar to halo combat evolved anniversary edition, you will be well protected because you are playing as the
master chief, a highly ranked and respected "spartan ii" warrior. but in halo 3 o.d.s.t., it's about a few orbital drop shock troopers spreaded all around earth, searching for each other, so you usually will be a lone wolf in the game.

To truely enjoy games of halo, the graphics
is also important. the best graphic between these three is halo reach. all the details such as the weapon equipped, amount of grenades will be clearly shown,
from far, you can see what is laid ahead even without needing to zoom. just slightly behind halo reach, is halo combat evolved anniversary edition, the most interesting point is that you can switch between the classic graphics in the original production and the newly remade details. in halo 3 o.d.s.t., most of the campaign missions are held at night, which makes the objects in the screen difficult to view. even with the highest brightness in the settings, it doesn't make a big difference.

In all three games, there are a few gameplay
modes you can choose: campaign-where all missions are played; firefight-where you can fight unlimited amount of enemies; matchmaking-get a xbox live gold
membership to play with other players around the world; custom game-choose your own game settings and have fun with your friends. other than that, in halo combat evolved annivensary edition, there are hidden items as "skulls" you can pick these up while in some missions and activate or deactivate them in the
campaign lobby. but in halo 3 o.d.s.t. and halo reach, the skulls will be all activatable at the beginning so you don't need to collect them.
Included in the halo combat evolved anniversary
edition, there is a free bonus feature of a 2-day xbox live gold membership trial, a master chief armor for your xbox avatar for both male and female ones,
a halo reach map pack for bonus maps and a extra "grunt funeral"skull you can never get it anywhere else!
In gameplay, there are also differences, the
weapons are basically the same in halo reach and halo combat evolved anniversary edition, which means that halo 3 o.d.s.t. is left out. the main reason could be that you play as a "spartan ii" warrior in the first two mentioned, but in halo 3 o.d.s.t., you play as an orbital drop shock trooper. of course, for different games, different maps are provided for more
excitement and discovery.

:rolleyes:The prices for these three game are about
$300 hkd for halo reach; $250 hkd for halo 3 o.d.s.t. and $200 hkd for halo combat evolved anniversary edition. if you are new to halo games, or even first
person shooters, halo reach is a nice choice for you.

Li-Ion 01-24-2012 06:40 AM

Re: The comparison of three Halo games
I always feel like I'm playing on the wrong team in Halo. I don't like siding with a faceless military complex attacking multiculturalism.

Muffin Militia 03-21-2012 08:07 AM

Re: The comparison of three Halo games
I would argue that the Original Halo: Combat Evolved was ahead of it's time in terms of console shooters, and that it was an excellent product, but since then the series have kept stagnating and offering the same thing with minor updates to people who want a blockbuster- like game to gobble up.

I think it's a waste of money to buy more than a single Halo game. If you are interested, get the third one or Reach.

Li-Ion 03-22-2012 07:59 AM

Re: The comparison of three Halo games
I got Halo ODST and I can safely say I'm underwhelmed. I'm not even sure what the game tries to be. On one hand it tries to tell this grim war story, behind enemy lines and all that. On the other hand there are these midgets with wacky dialogue that run around like smurfs on LSD once their superior is shot down. It's not that much better in the gameplay department. I feel weirdly disconnected from my avatar and most of the weapons lack punch. Instead they feel like super soakers.

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