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thevoice560 03-01-2009 02:53 AM

Please rate this review: Star Wars-The Force Unleashed
To me, the Star Wars franchise has been dead for some time now. Since the end of the original trilogy to be precise.
After the release of episode 1, LucasArts made a barrage of star wars games, most of which were absolutely dreadful, with the exception of the battlefront and knights of the old republic series, even though Bioware and Pandemic were the driving force behind why those games were good. However, The Force Unleashed had been riding a bullet train of hype for some time, and being the fanboy that I am, I decided to check it out.
First things first, this game's story is meant to tie the prequel trilogy to the original, and any game that can support the garbage of the prequels should most likely be bad, and bad it is.
The game suffers from clunky, and often sluggish controls that don't even work properly. Half the time, you could aiming a force power at one enemy, only have your force lightning zap the nearest butterfly instead. Some larger enemies will usually require a short quick time event mini game, sort of, to kill them, and there are even some enemies that are resistant to most or all force powers. It seems that the "developers" made a game allows the player to be the most powerful jedi ever with the strongest force abilities, only to have to fight force resistant enemies that are spread in most parts of a level just for the sake of keeping the game challenging. Why even give the player so many abilities that they can't use the whole time?
The story doesen't help anything either. As mentioned before, this game is used to tie the two trilogies together, and my question is this: Why would someone, or anyone for that matter want to commit such a terrible crime against humanity? The prequel trilogy was several hours of torture, that made my eyes want to vomit. If only I had that option. So Darth Vader goes through a phase of stealing children, and forcing them to kill for him. You, as the protagonist become his secret apprentice, and with your help Vader will kill the Emperor. Or so it should have been. For supposedly being a sith, the apprentice is never really evil, a pansy really, or at least personality wise.
Also the game is criminally short, clocking in at about five to six hours. So if you are planning on getting it, don't pay full price for it, because there are'nt any aspects of it thar are worth the money.

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