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Erin Bell

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Erin has been a gamer since the age of 7, when she started to take an interest in the games on her Dad's personal computer. She credits the classic text-based games such as Sierra's King's Quest and Space Quest for her ability to type over 100 words per minute! Her first consoles were the Nintendo and the Sega Master System (the latter of which she sold at a garage sale for $20 when still young and foolish, and has been kicking herself for ever since.) However, the turning point as far as Erin was concerned was when she played Final Fantasy II for the Super Nintendo. This game ignited an enthusiasm for role-playing games, and turned Erin from a somewhat casual gamer into someone who began to take video games far more seriously.

The fledgling music/dance game genre has gradually surpassed the role-playing game as Erin's favourite, yet she remains fascinated by the idiosyncrasies and continuing evolution of video game soundtracks of all genres. A flute player and electric bassist, she is currently studying musicology and classical civilizations at the University of Toronto. It was at U of T that Erin met her fiancé David, someone who shares both her love of music and of video games.

Erin is thrilled to be writing for GameCritics, and is eager to promote the idea that video games are not just something for little boys to play and eventually grow out of.

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