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Gamecritics.com Podcast Episode 81: Scary Games and The Walking Dead: Episode 4

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This week, we discuss our favorite scary games, and then have a mega discussion of The Walking Dead: Episode 4! With Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Richard "Defender Against The Robot Uprising" Naik, Dylan Collins and special guest Jeffrey Matulef.

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I don't scare easily in

I don't scare easily in video games and found e.g. the Resident Evil's never scary, just awkward to control action adventures. However, sometimes games manage to scared me. One is the original X-Com, the first game where I got the feeling I just got outsmarted by the AI. My little random generated soldiers grew on me so at some point I was getting afraid of putting them in harms way.

The other game, better: games, that work as horror-games for me are the Souls games. Demon's Soul and Dark Souls. I know that death is just a game mechanic, but I tend to proceed rather careful and once I manage to stay alive for a certain period, I really cling to my virtual life and humanity. Something which is pretty tough to do in these grim worlds, where there can be a trap around each corner and the ever-present danger of invading phantoms. Walking through a fog gate the first time you don't really know if it's just another part of the level or a boss coming up. And when suddenly a fog gate reappears or glowing rings appear on the ground and you don't understand why, this also adds some excitement.

On Walking Dead

Good podcast, however the theory of Crawford's leader being the radio voice doesn't work - you see his picture around the compound and once you get to the top of the bell tower, you do get to meet him in this episode.

Another podcast already?

Another podcast already? That's great. Keep up the pace.

Purpose of the tapes (Walking Dead Episode 4)

The purpose of the first and second tapes was to show you how the first "zombies" were created in Crawford, hence why there were no humans there when you arrive. That is, the woman stabs the doctor, and he immediately says "no... noo...." (i.e., "Crawford is doomed"). Then when she runs out, you hear gunshots. And as we know, dead people = zombies = more dead people = more zombies, etc etc.

I know this is completely

I know this is completely off topic, but recently after reading some of your older articles on the site, I noticed that you guys don't write much anymore, it seems to be mainly Brad and Sparky, both of whom I do love reading, but I miss the contributions from the rest of you guys. Any reason for this? Is it just a time thing? I just wanted to say its a bit of a shame, I remember all 3 of you guys writing really informative pieces. Still, the podcasts are still riveting so I suppose I can't grumble too much.

Also Dylan have you thought about writing at all? Or is writing not really your bag? You are certainly interesting to listen to so I would be interested in what your writing would be like.

And I know you guys aren't a professional site, but I hold your opinion in high regard, so even though the result may be predictable, I would love to read reviews on the big games coming up, namely Halo 4 and the latest Call of Duty. Of course you are not duty bound to review these games, I just sometimes feel the big games can sometimes pass you guys by. Not that I have any love for these two franchises, but if you were to give these games a good mark that would be the only thing that could convince me to purchase them. Maybe this is unfair point.

Anyway, great podcast as always though guys, keep it up.


Walking Dead

I've just finished all four episodes of The Walking Dead and re-listen to your podcasts about them. After this four games I have to say that...

Kenny's code must be bugged. After I backed up with his son in episode 1, have him rations on episode 2 and helped with Duck on episode 3, at the end of episode 4 he just takes off and berates me for not helping him and being selfish. WTF?!
I was also disappointed with Lee's response. In all those months I was anything but selfish. In Ep. 1 I had to chop my brother's head to get the keys to the pharmacy to save a guy who I'd just met and who treated me like dirt; in Ep. 2 I actually try to save him even though he knew about my past; in Ep. 3 I told everyone about it and also was willing to forgave the woman who had just killed my love interest; and in Ep. 4 I then save the guy who was responsible for that whole mess in the first place!

Meanwhile Kenny let Herschel's son die and left me to die in at least two occasions. He didn't help me when I was fighting with Danny and when I was under a pile of walkers at the beginning of ep. 3.

So instead of Lee telling him that he cannot abandon Clementine just because "he didn't have his back every time", he should have disputed the accusation of being selfish.

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