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Gamecritics Podcast Episode 72: PAXapalooza

Dylan Collins's picture

GameCritics Action Team!

In this episode, it's a PAXtacular! With two thirds of us freshly back from PAX East, we discuss panels, games and Pokemon...garbage bag...creatures. We've also got a fresh batch of games we've been playing and thumbs up and thumbs down. Join us! Right now! With special guests Mattie Brice and Kristen Taylor joining Brad Gallaway, Richard Naik, Chi Kong "Akuma" Lui and Dylan Collins.

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Left to Right: Sparky Clarkson, Chi Kong Lui, Richard Naik and Mattie Brice

Please send feedback and mailbag questions to podcast (at) gamecritics (dot) com.

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Awesome pick!

Awesome pick!


Awesome, can't wait to hear this! Hope you guys had fun at Pax.

Great show

Great show, especially considering it was about a convention, which I usually don't care as much since I can't afford to go to them.
Was glad to hear about those games.

As usual very refreshing to have female voices on board. I guess that the fact they are rare make them special. Had great laughs too. Thanks.

Compelling chat

I have to agree with Ahei; despite having no interest in conventions, transformers or mechs, this podcast was a really strong one. Perhaps it was the round table format where everyone got a good amount of time to state their case. Nice to see Dylan hitting his stride and the link music was great. Good guests, interesting chat, thanks all.

Good job you guys I just

Good job you guys I just wanted to let you know that I've now officially listened to every single podcast episode you guys have made and look forward to continue listening in the future. I was worried when Tim left but with this current podcast Dylan seems to have really hit his stride. I still would like to see Tim as an occasional guest though.

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