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Dan's Unsurprising Ten for 2010

Daniel Weissenberger's picture

It's the beginning of the new year, which means it's time to look at the high points offered by last year's games. So, without any further ado, let's get listing!

Deadly Premonition Screenshot

Deadly Premonition.

That's it. Play it ten times.

But just to respect the dictates of the form, here are a few other notable games, in no particular order and without supporting art.

Just Cause 2

Fixes all of the first game's problems, and in doing so elevates the free roaming/open world genre, while humiliating Rockstar and their underwhelming Red Dead Redemption.

Yakuza 3

Kazuma Kiryu is the biggest badass in the history of videogames, and he doesn't disappoint in this outing—although the huge chunks of storyline removed during localization do.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

A startlingly good demo/teaser that elevated hopes way too high for the finished product. But I can't hold that against it.

Super Meat Boy

The most fun you'll ever have hating yourself for your lack of coordination.

Toy Soldiers

The game that made me forget my hatred for tower defense games.

Naughty Bear

Just kidding. But for the record, I would like to see a game where I get to play as Jason without all of this combo/points nonsense. Just FYI.


Who ever thought I'd fall in love with an 8-bit thematic remake of Shadow of the Colossus? Actually, described that way, it's not at all surprising.

Red Seeds Profile

Better box art, but hampered by the fact that it is in a language which is foreign to me.

Alpha Protocol

For getting me off my ass and writing new Morbid Gamer articles—look for them in the coming weeks!

Dead to Rights: Retribution

Because it redeemed my favorite franchise, and because I'm pretty sure my review of Dead to Rights was referenced in the game.

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Thanks for mentioning Just Cause 2

Thanks for mentioning Just Cause 2. I think it was one of the most under-rated games of 2010. Spent well over 100+ hours blowing up every little village and flying around in my chopper. This game puts every other sandbox game to absolute shame.

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is...unique. I am glad you guys wrote about it enough to make me try it. I've only just started the game but already it's managed to be lurid, prurient, sensationally melodramatic, terrifying, exciting, hilarious, bizarre, creepy, annoying, droll, and more. Definitely the first game I've played to seemingly take Twin Peaks as one of its chief inspirations.

I remember in your interview with SWERY you talked about how the combat was tacked on at the last minute because the publisher thought American audiences wouldn't respond to a main character who didn't have a gun, which is funny because, to me anyway, the combat doesn't seem so much below the standard of RDR i.e. "the second Coming of our Lord John Jesus Wayne Christ, Amen". Actually the melee in DP (haha DP! oh man I'm immature) is just fine IMO, no worse than RE and def better than the sorry Rockstar excuse for a melee engine.

It's true I'm definitely just backlashing against RDR a bit...I don't think it's such a great game, but as a sort of interactive historical village it's kinda awesome. I won't say it never gets old walking around and watching the ranchers go about their business, but it takes a while. And I did like that early mission where you herd cattle out to pasture.

Deadly Premonition

I picked up Deadly Premonition today, and it's basically because of you. A little bit Brad too, but your love of this game pushed me to check it out. I hope I enjoy it, and if I do, I look forward to your pages (upon pages!) of analysis, after completing it.

If I had listened to all the critics, I would have passed up Nier, my favorite gaming experience of 2010. And now I take every opportunity to enlighten others about it's quality. It is for that reason that I had to see if Deadly Premonition is the "other" best game of 2010. Your passion for it certainly makes me curious, and actually, user reviews of this game have been quite favorable. We are getting a huge snow storm tonight, so I'm looking forward to jumping in. I'm also 32, so none of the 80's movie references will be lost on me!

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