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Will you be buying a PSP Go! this year?

16% (27 votes)
84% (145 votes)
Total votes: 172
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PSP Mini

By most accounts, Sony had a solid showing at its E3 press conference and E3 in general. One of the things it announced was a reiteration of the PlayStation Portable. Dubbed the PSP Go!, it is a $249 PSP with a smaller form factor, a smaller (3.8") sliding screen, no UMD drive and 16GB of on-board memory.

It will go on sale this year to boost PSP sales--sales that have been good but not great and facing constant competition from the Nintendo DS and DSi as well as the relative newcomer in Apple's iPhone.

But at $249, it is $80 more expensive than the previous PSP, while containing less tech. And let's not even get into how it looks.

So the question are you willing to shell out $249 for the smaller PSP?

All systems go?

I won't be buying one (don't even have a current PSP) but it should be interesting if sales really are boosted by the Go! especially when current owners won't be able to play their games on UMD discs right out of the box. I always thought that was one of the strengths of the GameBoy/DS line: they (almost) always played the games from the generation/model that came right before.

Re: All systems go?

If I were buy a PSP Go!, it would have to be $100 cheaper than it is. That would help me get over the fact that there is no UMD for backward compatibility. But when you look at the numbers and its main competition--which looks to be the iPhone and/or iPod Touch--then at $249 it is not that bad a deal.

If Sony pushes downloadable content and connectivity, it could create a new PSP market: casual gamers. I say that because I can't see a hardcore gamer being all that interested. It doesn't look any more compelling than the PSP 3000, costs a lot more and who knows how long Sony will support the PSP before it goes to PSP 2.

Lots 'o nos

Seriously, this is probably the most lopsided polls we've ever published on the site.

Going by this small sample, Sony has its work cut out for it when it comes to the PSP's younger brother. Then again, few people admitted to wanting a DSi and look how that has taken off at retail.

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