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Who had the better press conference at E3 2010?

22% (169 votes)
50% (393 votes)
28% (224 votes)
Total votes: 786
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Few Choices

It's not so much that Nintendo was amazing. It was just that compared to Microsoft's dull conference that pandered to certain media outlets over other *coughnotjealousreallycough* and Sony's too long conference of nothing new, Nintendo's retro rebirth games were shown quickly and were games some people at least wanted. Like it or not, Nintendo knows its audience and played them well.

Nintendo for the Win!

I also voted for Nintendo. Macstorm did an excellent job summing it up, so I won't add too much more. Honestly, I am just surprised to votes are so in favor of Nintendo! GameCritics.com must be a bunch of Nintendo fanboys who don't know good games when they see them. I keed, I keed!

Does there have to be an E3 winner?

Personally I don't think there is a 'winner' of E3. Obviously it makes good copy to state a winner, and it seems part of the American culture to have a winner. Ultimately companies either give a strong showing or they don't. eg. Sony 2005 had a weak showing.

For 2010, however, I was very much let down by Microsoft's conference. We've seen them gravitate over to the mass casual market since E3 2008, as this is where larger profits are, and this has continued with E3 2010. Hence there were few if any new core titles announced, and instead a lot of hoopla about an expensive attachment which does nothing for dedicated gamers.

I was hoping Nintendo would bring some ray of light to the table for the Wii, as that platform has been treading water for the past 18 months. Apart from a new Zelda title, my realistic (cynical?) outlook for the Wii was confirmed. No new IPs from Nintendo or 3rd party devs, more casual party games skinned with a Mario interface, and yet another DS variant to dump onto an already bloated market. I can see myself selling my Wii after Skywards Swords Zelda launches, which is a real shame for this once mighty console. On the plus side it was interesting to see the positive impact LittleBigPlanet has had non relaunching the Kirby platformer.

By this stage Sony really just had to rock up and not forget the auto-cue in order to have a good E3. And that's really what they did. Sony seem to have devalued E3 for the past 3 or 4 years (maybe 2005 really burnt them?), and that shows not in there presentation but more in the value they place in other trade shows like GDC. So there wasn't much new from Sony at E3, and nothing much jaw dropping either. Sony had the stronger showing because they continued at E3 what they've done at other trade shows for the past 18 months: confirmed that they don't take the market for granted any more and are willing to take risks on new IPs as well as deliver on existing franchises. The Valve/Steam partnership came as a surprise, but I sort of feel its a marriage of convenience for both parties - hey, I as a gamer can only benefit, right?

Ultimately, there was no "WINNER" of E3. Two companies who lit the gaming world on fire from 2005 through to 2007 seem to have either lost their ways or stagnated in the ideas department. And the third company seems to not place as much value in the once mighty E3. If there had been an announcement of a PSP2 - and a REVOLUTIONARY PSP2 at that! - then I might have felt compelled to announce a winner.

Realistically, it just seemed to be a bunch of white, middle aged men on stage each trying to convince me that they and their brand are the coolest. And if Kevin Buttler were real, then I'd certainly concede that.


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